Missy Elliott Surprised a Stranger With A Dream Dress After Bride Makes Emotional Post on Twitter

As much as being able to say “yes to the dress” looms large in many a bride’s twinkling eye, budget woes have forced compromise for more than their fair share of wedding dreams.

Such was the case for bride-to-be Ireanna Bradshaw, who between saving for the big day and moving into a new home with her intended, had a budget that was stretched to the wire.

Bradshaw found her dream dress at David’s Bridal, but fretted that even though she’d been scrimping and saving, at $1,300 it was simply beyond her means. Despondent, she tweeted a photo of the dress and some words of distress to her Twitter feed:

“Im getting Married in March &trying to move into our own place… “Excited but overwhelmed. I have been saving money; but its still a struggle. I found my dream dress and I want to get it so bad but between saving for the move- i dnt think it will be possible.”

Bradshaw also posted her cash app info hoping for a little help, never dreaming a famous fairy godmother might be waiting in the wings to grant her wish.

When music legend Missy Elliott got wind of Bradshaw’s yearning for the perfect gown, she decided to make some wedding magic of her own. The star stepped in and paid for the dress in full.

We just love Cinderella bridal story with a happy ending, don’t you?